Health Club


Health Club is an association of students in college for taking care of everything that is necessary for keeping an individual healthy. Health club deals with activities for the students to possess good overall health, which includes Mental health, Physical Health, Emotional Health, and Social health. Health club of JNIAS is formed on November 2020 to promote healthy behaviors among the students that they will inculcate for life and ensure physically fit body and a mentally balanced personality of our students and teachers.


  • To provide physical and mental fitness.
  • To ensure a healthy and hygiene college campus environment.
  • To encourage environment protection and waste reduction.
  • To organize seminars, workshops, camps and activities necessary to provide  guidance related to health issues.
  • To develop healthy habits and awareness among all members of the health club.
Convener : Mrs. Parvathi S Nair
Members : Mrs. Unnimaya K P
Members :Mrs. Surabhi K S