Nature club is a conservation programme composed of a group of people, who can spread
conservation awareness in society. Through the nature club India hopes to reach out to
nature lovers and budding conservationists. The Nature Club which is aimed at creating
general awareness among the students regarding the different environmental problems and
for an appreciation of nature among students. The Nature Club successfully specializes in helping students to take the first step towards conservation of Nature .It can help reduce stress, improve concentration and increase time spent being physically active, encourage student to spend more time outside; and there are numerous opportunities to make that time spent in nature entertaining and educational


  • To create awareness, motivate and educate students about environment conservation.
  • To develop commitment towards environment.
  • To inculcate the importance of environmental Cleanliness.
  • To develop leadership qualities through interdisciplinary group activities.
  • To raise their empathetic concern and widen perspective regarding environment.
  • Organizing various eco-friendly activities.
Convener : Mrs. Rafeena R
Members : Ms. Maria George
Ms. Maria T M
Ms. Jyothi N V
Mr. Manu Manoharan