A college cultural forum is typically an organized group or committee within a college dedicated to promoting and organizing cultural events, activities, and initiatives on campus. These forums often aim to celebrate diversity, foster intercultural understanding, and provide a platform for students to showcase their talents and cultural heritage. They may organize events such as cultural festivals, music and dance performances, art exhibitions, film screenings, and workshops on various aspects of culture. Additionally, cultural forums often serve as a space for students to engage in discussions, debates, and activities related to cultural awareness, social justice, and global issues. Overall, they play a vital role in enriching the campus experience and fostering a vibrant, inclusive community within the college.



Inclusivity: Cultural forums typically strive to be inclusive, welcoming students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and identities. They provide a platform for students to share their unique perspectives and experiences.

Student Leadership: These forums are often led by students who are passionate about promoting cultural awareness and diversity. They offer opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, event planning abilities, and intercultural communication.

Collaboration: Cultural forums frequently collaborate with other student organizations, academic departments, and community groups to host joint events and initiatives. This collaboration enhances the reach and impact of cultural programming on campus.

Educational Component: In addition to entertainment and celebration, cultural forums may also incorporate educational elements such as guest lectures, panel discussions, and cultural exchange programs. These activities aim to deepen understanding and appreciation of various cultures.

Community Building: By providing a space for students to come together and connect through shared cultural interests, cultural forums contribute to building a sense of community and belonging on campus. They often host social events and networking opportunities to facilitate these connections.

Promotion of Creativity: Cultural forums encourage creativity and artistic expression among students through opportunities to perform, exhibit artwork, or participate in cultural workshops. This fosters a dynamic and enriching cultural environment within the college community.

Celebration of Tradition: Cultural forums may organize events that celebrate traditional festivals, customs, and holidays from around the world. These celebrations help students maintain connections to their cultural heritage while also introducing others to new cultural experiences.Overall, a college cultural forum serves as a hub for cultural exchange, learning, and celebration, enriching the campus experience for students and promoting a more inclusive and globally minded community.

Convener : Ms. Maria Jose
Joint Convener : Ms. Sruthy Purushothaman
Members : Mrs. Shyamamol K S
Members : Mrs. Athira Sasindran