This club is basically formed to enhance skill level of student other than regular curriculum and give benefits to student who wants to do more activity with their talent in the field of computer technology & networking. keep up to date with new technology. Increase participants enjoyment and understanding of today's cyber world provide education about computers and software broaden horizons of computer use. Introduce new programs and options for computer usage.


“To be a leading hub for innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing in the realm of Information Technology, fostering a community of passionate individuals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology.”


- “Empower members through workshops, seminars, and hands-on projects to develop cutting-edge technical skills.”

- “Facilitate networking opportunities to connect IT enthusiasts, professionals, and experts.”

- “Promote creativity and innovation by providing a platform for members to explore emerging technologies and tackle real-world challenges.”

- “Contribute to the advancement of technology in society through outreach programs, partnerships, and community engagement initiatives.”

Convener of the club: Shalu Manuprasad (Dept of Computer Applications )
Members : Anandhu Vijayan (Dept of Computer Applications)