To carry out internal examinations efficiently.

Schedule the regular and improvement Exams.

Publish Results on time.

Provide a proper mechanism to handle the internal grievances.

Record maintenance.

Mrs. Rany M S (Co-Ordinator)
Mr. Vishnu Narayanan
Mr. Ajith N S
Mrs. Shyamamol K S
Mr. Arun Prasad V P
Ms. Sreelekshmi M
Mrs. Remya Mol Varghese
Mrs. Lanti Mol Karunakaran


Theory Examinations

There will be an end semester University examination [ESE] at the end of each semester. There is no provision for improvement examinations. To conduct all the theory examinations, a Chief Superintendent and an Assistant Chief Superintendent from senior faculty members are to be appointed by the principal and approved by the University.

Practical Examinations

The principals of colleges with the help of Chairmen/Chairperson should arrange the practical examination for all semesters with approval from the University. Bonafide laboratory record / Master’s project report / industrial training/ seminar report etc. are mandatory for appearing for the practical /viva-voce examinations. To conduct practical examinations, the University will appoint an internal examiner from a panel of faculty (specialization in the relevant subject) of the concerned college and an external examiner from other colleges. The examiners together will conduct the exam and decide the marks to be awarded to the candidates. The mark list filled and duly signed by the examiners should be forwarded to the chairman by the internal examiner. The internal examiner will be the custodian of the valued answer script till the commencement of subsequent examination. There is no provision for revaluation. c. Valuation i) The assessment will comprise of sessional assessment and university examination .


Step 1: During the end of each semester CEC in consolation with Principal and HODs prepare a schedule for the Examination for the various courses.

Step 2: Department Examination Coordinator (DEC) publish this examination schedule (timetable) of each class in the Department 12 days prior to the commencement of the examination and tutors will publish this schedule in each class notice board.

Step 3: CEC creates an assignment for the Question Paper uploading at least 10 days before the examination and DEC collects question paper from the subject teachers through exam cell mail and uploads in CECs Classroom at least 7 days before the examination. All the question papers of a class should be uploaded as a single PDF File. Along with this the timetable also should be uploaded. NB- Question paper and timetable templates are available in CEC’s Classroom.

Step 4: The CEC will take the printout of question papers and keep these question papers in the principal’s office.

Step 5: The CEC will publish the Seating Arrangements and faulty requirement (for invigilation) to the principal and HOD’s 3 days prior to the examination and the the same should be forwarded to the DEC.

Step 6: HOD’s will prepare the invigilation duty at least 2 days before the commencement of the examination and the same will be forwarded to the CEC and published in the department notice board.

Step 7: The DEC collects the Question Papers from the principal’s office every morning of the examination and distributes the question papers to various exam Halls.

Step 8: Department Exam coordinator should maintain a register to record the examination duties and for the distribution answer scripts.

Step 9: After the examination the invigilators should handover the written answer scripts and unused answer scripts to Department Exam Cell Members.


Internal/Model Examination Register

These are the list of documents that should be kept by the DEC in the

Department Internal /Model Examination Register

  • Timetable
  • Exam Duty Log
  • Answer Sheet dispatch Log.
  • . Internal/Model Summary Sheet

Form A2 and B2.

Improvement Examination Documents.


  • All the invigilators should enter in the exam hall 10 minutes before the commencement of the examination and students should enter the exam hall 5 minutes before the commencement of examination.
  • All the model/ Improvement examinations will start at 9:30 am. The maximum time allotted for this examination is 3 Hrs and students can leave from the exam hall only after 11:45 am.


Internal Examination

University Examination