Course overview

The department of Cyber Forensics of JNIAS offers BSc courses in Cyber Forensics. In 2023, the department of Cyber Forensic was founded, aiming to provide top -notch education in cyber forensic .Offering a unique 3-year Bachelor’s program affiliated with MG University, it stands as a pioneer in Idukki district.

 The department boasts modern teaching facilities, preparing students to play a vital role in Information Security and Computer Forensics Investigation. As cybercrime continues to rise, experts in cyber forensics are in high demand across various sectors, including law enforcement and investigating agencies.


  • The primary objective is to effectively analyze digital evidence related to cybercrimes, such as computer intrusions, data breaches, or online fraud, to uncover and understand the nature of the incident.
  • Provide support for legal proceedings by presenting well-documented and forensically sound findings, assisting law enforcement and legal professionals in building strong cases against cybercriminals.


Candidates shall be required to have passed the Plus Two/equivalent examination with aggregate of 55% for any of the three of the subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Computer Science and 50% marks for Mathematics alone.

Mrs. Anumol Biju

Mrs. Anumol Biju

Assistant Professor 

# # Name Designation
Mrs. Shalu K S
Mrs. Shalu K S Asst. Professor