The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell at our college serves as a dedicated hub for fostering innovation and protecting intellectual property. Our IPR Cell facilitates the identification, protection, and commercialization of intellectual property generated by students, faculty, and staff. Through workshops, seminars, and counseling sessions, we educate the college community about the importance of intellectual property rights and provide guidance on patenting, copyrighting, and trademarking processes. With a focus on nurturing creativity and innovation, the IPR Cell plays a crucial role in transforming ideas into tangible assets, thereby contributing to the advancement of knowledge and technology.

Certainly! Here's a concise version:Our IPR Cell provides personalized advice, collaborative research opportunities, start-up incubation support, student internships, continuing education programs, and IP awareness campaigns to foster innovation, protect intellectual property, and promote collaboration between academia, industry, and society.

Co-Ordinator : Mr. Vishnu Narayanan
Members : Mrs. Athira Sasindran