The Faculty Development Program (FDP) cell at our college is dedicated to fostering continuous professional growth and enhancement among our faculty members. Committed to providing comprehensive support, resources, and opportunities, the FDP cell serves as a hub for faculty development initiatives. Through workshops, seminars, conferences, and training programs, we strive to cultivate a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence in teaching, research, and administration. Our goal is to empower faculty members with the latest pedagogical techniques, technological advancements, and research methodologies, equipping them to excel in their roles and contribute meaningfully to the academic community. With a focus on holistic development and lifelong learning, the FDP cell plays a pivotal role in nurturing a vibrant and dynamic academic environment conducive to both personal and professional growth.

The Faculty Development Program (FDP) cell is an integral component of our institution's commitment to academic excellence and continuous improvement. It serves as a catalyst for fostering a culture of lifelong learning and professional development among our esteemed faculty members. Through a diverse range of initiatives such as workshops, seminars, webinars, and mentoring programs, the FDP cell provides opportunities for faculty members to enhance their teaching methodologies, refine their research skills, and stay abreast of emerging trends and best practices in their respective fields. Additionally, the FDP cell actively promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange, facilitating enriching interactions among faculty members across departments and disciplines. By nurturing a supportive and conducive environment for faculty growth and development, the FDP cell plays a pivotal role in advancing the academic mission of our institution and ensuring the holistic development of our faculty members as educators, researchers, and leaders in their fields.

Co-Ordinator : Mr. Vishnu Narayanan
Members : Mrs. Salu Manuprasad
Members : Ms. Sreelakshmi M
Members : Ms. Anju Vijayan