The Student Grievance Redressal Committee serves as a vital mechanism within our college community, dedicated to addressing and resolving concerns and issues faced by students. Comprised of faculty members, administrative staff, and student representatives, the committee ensures a fair and transparent process for addressing grievances related to academics, infrastructure, discrimination, or any other pertinent matter. Upholding principles of confidentiality and impartiality, the committee functions as a platform for students to voice their concerns, seek resolution, and contribute to the continual enhancement of our academic environment. Through effective communication channels and prompt action, the committee fosters a supportive and conducive atmosphere for the holistic development and well-being of all students.

At the heart of our college's commitment to student welfare lies the Student Grievance Redressal Committee, a dedicated body tasked with safeguarding the rights and interests of our student community. With a firm focus on promoting fairness, equity, and accountability, the committee diligently addresses grievances brought forth by students, ensuring that every concern is heard, evaluated, and resolved in a timely manner. Operating within a framework of established policies and procedures, the committee strives to foster an environment of trust and respect, where students feel empowered to voice their grievances without fear of reprisal. By promoting open dialogue, mediating disputes, and facilitating constructive resolutions, the committee plays a pivotal role in upholding the values of transparency and justice within our college. Through its unwavering commitment to promoting student well-being and academic excellence, the Student Grievance Redressal Committee remains an indispensable pillar of our institution's ethos of inclusivity and integrity.

Chairman: Prof. Major. Dr. Johnykutty . J. Ozhukayil
Vice Chairman: Mr. Ajith N.S
General Manager: Mr. Asokan A.P
Secretary : Mrs. Athira Sasindran
Members Mrs. Surabhi K.S
Mr. Jibin Joseph
Mr. Manu Manoharan
Mrs. Syamily K.S
Mrs. Shyamamol K.S