The Media Association of JNIAS campus is formed to engage with media activities and to help students perform the activities which would help them increase their understanding of Mass Media. Mass media, as we know, includes a variety of vehicles like newspapers, magazines, audiovisual media, New media, etc. The activities undertaken by the club would ensure in fulfilling the objectives and purpose of the Association.

About The Association

JNIAS Media Association, under the supervision of the Department of Multimedia, provides media coverage for all types of academic and extracurricular activities on JNIAS Campus. The club is mainly run by students as contributors of stories, photos, videos and newsworthy articles, providing aspiring students with the opportunity to express their ideas and talent. The Students are mentored and supervised by the Faculty members of the Department . of Multimedia. The forum aims to aggregate and develop individuals to become relevant and effective as future leaders in the media industry


  • The club intends to host speaker sessions and workshops throughout the year featuring industry experts who share their experiences, enriching the learning value of the club.
  • Organize events and exhibitions for the students to explore and showcase their respective skills and talents in relevant media fields.
  • Students are given the opportunity to develop their skills through training programs such as video editing, short film projects, photography workshops, reporting of events, exhibitions, field trips, and competitions.

Club Activities

  • Reporting on different beats like culture, education, sports, entertainment, etc.
  • Students will cover different activities (photography and videography) and prepare reports.
  • Students will prepare content for digital/online media platforms.
  • Students will organize media events, competitions, and exhibitions.
Convener : Mr. Arun Prasad V P
Members : Ms. Sruthy Purushothaman
Ms. Sreelekshmi .M
Ms. Della Sebastian
Ms. Anju Vijayan