The Anti-Ragging Cell at our college stands as a vigilant guardian of student welfare, dedicated to upholding the principles of respect, dignity, and safety. Our paramount objective is to cultivate an environment where every student can pursue their academic and personal growth without fear of intimidation or harassment. Through proactive measures and educational initiatives, we endeavor to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of ragging and empower students to stand against it. We maintain a zero-tolerance stance towards any form of ragging, ensuring that swift and decisive action is taken against perpetrators. Additionally,

Prof. Major. Dr. Johnykutty . J. Ozhukayil
Mr. Ajith N. S
Mrs. Rany M.S
Mrs. Shyamamol K.S
Mrs. Athira Sashindran
Ms. Maria T.M
Mr. Arun Prasad V.P

Mr. Jibin Joseph
Ms. Amrutha Ashokan
Mrs. Jessy Thankachan
Mrs. Ancy Jojan
Mr. Vishnu Narayanan