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Anti Ragging Act

Anti Ragging Act: We assured International Quality Education training for students to challenge the modern world in a new way.

  Anti Ragging Act

Ragging Prohibition Act
The Principal of the college shall be the disciplinary authority in respect of the students in the college. If it comes to the notice of the Principal that a student or a class of students have committed misconduct as referred to in Rule 5 above and that the Principal is perceives that there is prima facie enough material in the allegation against the delinquent student, he shall immediately pass an order suspending the student/students from the college. If the Principal thinks that the delinguency alleged in the complaint requires further investigation/enquiry, he shall report the matter to the Staff Council. After reporting the matter and after seeking the views of the Council, the Principal shall appoint a competent teacher, or a team of teachers to enquire into the matter and to submit the report at the earliest. The Enquiry Officer so appointed shall conduct enquiry without delay after gathering oral or written evidence from the complainant as well as the person against whom the allegations/delinquency, were made. The Enquiry Officer also shall give fair and reasonable opportunity to all the parties and shall submit a report to the Principal. Based on the report the Principal shall take appropriate action, which he deems fit, including the imposition of the following punishments.
Imposition of fine.
Issuance of compulsory transfer certificate.
Dismissal from the college.
In the event of imposition of punishment, dismissal or compulsory issuance of transfer certificate, the Principal shall forward the order along with the report to the University.

There in a students Grievance Redressal Committee in the College constituted by the Principal. The Chairman of the said committee shall be the Principal. The committee shall consist of three teachers nominated by the College Council of whom one shall be a lady teacher. The Chairman of the College Union as well as the secretary shall be the ex-officio members of the said committee. The committee shall meet once in every month and evaluate the steps taken to frame guideline or general instructions or directions for the maintenance of peaceful atmosphere in the campus. The students and any unhealthy relationship between the students, students and teachers or students and non-teaching staff of the College and suggest and implement remedial measures.

A student against whom the disciplinary orders had been passed; shall have a right to appeal to the Board for Adjudication of Students' Grievances as provided in Chapter 27 of Mahatma Gandhi University Statue 1997. The appellate authority shall have the power to set aside, modify or cancel the order, provided the appeal is found to be genuine and filed within the period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the order. The appellate authority shall also have the power to condone the delay in filling the appeal if it is proved to the satisfaction of the appellate authority by the appellant that he was prevented by sufficient cause from preferring the appeal within the time.

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